Mental secrets to sports success

If you are serious about competing at the highest possible level your athletic ability will take you, you have to realize that your body, your strength, your endurance, your power, and your natural skill and talent are only going to take you so far.
If you want to become a superstar (the international scene or just around the neighborhood makes little difference), there are a number of other things that you’re going to need to take care of to become “top dog”.
And most of them start right between your ears.
Believe it or not, the true superstar athlete that we all look up to (the Michael Jordan/Lebron James/Derek Jeter/Tom Brady of the sporting world) is able to reach the pinnacle of their sport – and then stay on top for a prolonged block of time – not just because they are the most gifted athlete (which is rarely the case), but instead because they know how to think, they know how to control their emotions, and they know how to perform under pressure.
If you want to reach those kinds of heights at any level, you’re going to need to learn the mental secrets to sports success.
Control what you can control, and forget everything else
One of the most impressive things that almost all elite level competitors have in common with one another is their ability to focus on the task at hand, the things that they can control, while simultaneously blocking out and ignoring everything else.
And I mean EVERYTHING else.
Superstar athletes find a way to compartmentalize their lives so that they are only paying attention to the specific things that will help them get an edge and advantage over the competition.
It’s not that they actively ignore things that they cannot control, it’s that those things don’t even make a blip on their radar.
This is the kind of mental discipline that you’re going to want to develop it yourself.
Compete, compete, compete
Another trait that top dogs in the sporting world (or premier experts in any aspect of life, for that matter) have in common is that they compete day in and day out at just about anything and everything they can.
But, there’s one little twist in the way that they compete that most people don’t pick up on.
These professionals, these elite level athletes, these superstars of their sport do not compete against others (okay, they do – but that’s not where the focus is) – but instead focus on competing with themselves.
This goes back to understanding what you can control and what you cannot, and the value of focusing on turning your weaknesses into strengths while at the same time improving the things that you are already quite good at.
This is why deliberate practice is so important across the board for these top-tier athletes, and why you’ll find focusing on the “grind” of getting better each and every day – even when they are so far ahead of the rest of their competition.
Keep that fire burning by competing with full you were yesterday and pretty soon you’ll look around and find that you are alone the top of the mountain.